Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Explaining Emotional Detachment

Not long ago, I took a simple Online Test that concluded that my personality type is INTJ. Subsequent introspection, besides confirming that I almost perfectly fit that stereotype (which was disappointing in itself since my emotional side would have preferred to believe that I was somehow special or unique), also led me to explore the consequences of the realization that I will eventually but inevitably no longer be who I am right now.

And that means that every thing I value right now, it may all be just a phase that I am going through. It may all be just a matter of time before I find flaws in the reasoning behind everything that I believe in. And if I don't, that doesn't necessarily mean that there are none. Now, it would have been a reasonable assumption that smarter men and women than I have struggled with the same problems and (factoring in the substantially more time and life experience they have had to think about this than I) would have proceeded beyond this point. But having explored the available answers to the philosophical questions that I obsess over, I already knew that none of the existing ones satisfy me.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nothing is Sacred

One of the biggest goals in each one of our lives is to figure out our purpose. Why do we exist? Not how ... because the answer to that is known, but why? Explanations involving God just result in the question being modified to: Why does God exist? Now, I recognize that I am making an assumption here (which, if proven false, would render this entire chain of thought invalid), justified by the lack of convincing evidence to the contrary, but this is what I fundamentally believe as of now: there is no greater purpose.

The universe, as a result of the fact that it is logically consistent, can exist. But so can any number of other logically consistent universes with different histories or different laws of physics altogether. And why should anything exist at all anyway? Well, the principles of justice that I have been conditioned to think according to (yes, I know that it sounds evil, but if you think about it objectively, the definition does apply) make me want to believe that all possibilities are (withholding the word: equally) feasible, and exist as a superimposition which happens to be most closely described by the term: Multiverse. But essentially, we exist, because we can.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Computation using Time Travel

Time Travel is one of the most fascinating subject I have ever encountered. Having spent an unreasonably large amount of time thinking about it, the following describes one of the ideas I had regarding how we can use it.

Consider for a moment that humanity has somehow managed to develop the technology for Time Travel, and confirmed that the universe abides by the Novikov Self-Consistency Principle. For the purposes of this discussion, you may assume (although the specific details of how it is done don't matter here) that this is done via a Wormhole (stabilized using exotic matter with Negative Mass/Energy), one end of which (through Time Dilation effects) lies in our future. Now, we can establish a communication link across this wormhole, which allows us to send data into the past or receive data from the future. Additionally, let's assume that we can transfer information over this link via two specific functions in a computer program:

void send(data) # Sends data back into the past.
data receive() # Receives data from the future.